Madison Services

Disaster Response

Madison Services has an excellent record executing rapid deployment of personnel, equipment, and material under challenging conditions. Madison has achieved this success by applying field-tested policies and procedures developed and refined since 1984.  

In 2005, following Hurricane Katrina, Madison competed and won several subcontracts for hauling, installing, maintaining, and deactivating travel trailers and mobile homes.   

Subsequently, Madison was awarded a prime contract by FEMA for providing services to an area of approximately 13,000 square miles. As the prime contractor, Madison provided all management and technical services related to the maintenance and deactivation of temporary housing units in south Mississippi.  Services included but were not limited to: transporting and installing travel trailers and mobile homes, providing connections to water, sewer, and electric service, performing preventive, routine, and emergency maintenance, cleaning and refurbishing trailers, and deactivating, removing, and transporting trailers to FEMA staging areas.

In 2008, K-Team, a wholly owned subsidiary of Madison was awarded one of three Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Base Camp contracts.  This contingency contract will serve as the primary means for the State of Mississippi to establish and operate emergency base camps in response to natural disasters. The contract requires that K-Team provide turn-key base camp support services for as many as 2000 persons.

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