Madison Services

Hoy House

The Hoy House, a historic Greek revival home located on Main Street in Madison Mississippi serves as the current home of Madison Services, Inc.  It is believed that Captain W. T. Hickle built the home in 1839.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Greek revival style Hoy House is the oldest building in the City of Madison, pre-dating the founding of the town by several years.  The house has been sitting in the heart of Madison at its present site for nearly 170 years.

According to the Mississippi Department of Archives, the Hoy House may have been included in the village of Lamarca, and was likely built when John Curran owned the property during the years of 1839 to 1851.  The house, listed on the National Registry in the 1980s, got its name from the Hoy family who moved to Madison in 1916.  Mrs. Maymie Hoy lived in the house until it was renovated by its current owner in 1990.

The one and a half story five-bay house is locally important and is a relatively intact surviving example of a Greek revival galleried cottage.  The Hoy House is the type house that was widely built in the central and southern half of Mississippi during the middle and early part of the 19th century.  It was originally a small house with a center hall and four rooms, two on either side, constructed of native cypress and heart pine.  Across the entire front of the house is a porch, tucked under the main roofline of the house.  Each of the four main rooms of the house has a working brick fireplace and fifteen foot ceilings.

The pointillism drawing above was created by local Mississippi artist, Glen Sanford.  Signed, limited edition copies are available from Madison Services and through local art galleries in the area.

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